The Value of Our WordPress Maintenance Plan

The Value of Our WordPress Maintenance Plan - calculator on top of paper with a graph of growth

Getting a WordPress maintenance plan for your website means that someone is handling the necessary routine checks on your personal or business site. At Your WP Guy, we have packaged over 18+ years of WordPress experience into 3 different monthly packages. When you sign up for any of the monthly maintenance plans, you will enjoy all these three things:

  • 24/7 monitoring to ensure your website is always up and accessible
  • Fast load times on your website (always be below 4 seconds)
  • Concierge Service whenever you face technical problems

Here is a breakdown of each of the monthly packages for our clients.

Keep It Runnin’ Maintenance Plan

For $99 a month, this package includes plug-in debates, theme updates, and WordPress Core Updates. Checking for updates is crucial so that all features work as intended. Plug-in updates are often security-related, while WordPress core updates include the newest features to deliver the best experience to visitors on your site.

All Your WP Guy customers receive WordPress security maintenance at no additional charge. We also perform daily website backups and provide an activity report for every month.

Quick Fix Maintenance Plan

You can sign up for the Quick Fix WordPress maintenance plan for $199 a month. It includes all the features of the Keep it Running package plus monthly SEO reports and 1 hour of technical fixes.

Monthly SEO reports let you track the progress of the SEO efforts you employ. The reports also flag any issues that may affect your visibility on search engines. Our clients get to see the source of their leads and how different product pages are delivering conversion. With the insights, you can easily optimize your SEO budget.

Fast and Furious Maintenance Plan

The Fast and Furious maintenance plan suits commercial websites with hundreds of daily visitors. For $299 a month, it includes all features of the Keep It Running package, monthly SEO reports, and up to 3 hours of technical fixes. We also ensure that your website’s load time remains under 3 seconds.

Reasons To Work with Your WP Guy

Concierge service minimizes revenue loss whenever you experience any technical issues. Our experts will quickly identify and apply correct fixes. Attempting to resolve such problems on your own may be akin to searching for a needle in a haystack. Leave it to the experts and focus on building the business.

Your website’s user experience heavily influences the perceived quality of your product offerings. A responsive website with 100% uptime sends a message of consistency and reliability.

Customers who are expected to give up personal information, such as emails and phone numbers, want the assurance that the website is secure. Our WordPress Care Plan lets you rest with the assurance that your website can ward off potential attacks before they materialize.

Our daily website backups act as a precaution against data loss. It takes time to create content, collect useful customer and market data. Your business may be built on such data, and these backups are an insurance policy should you have to rebuild your website.

Request an Appointment

We genuinely care for our clients and their businesses beyond the websites. We win when you have peace of mind. Request an appointment with us to discuss your WordPress maintenance needs.


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