What Is WordPress Maintenance in 2023?

Does your WordPress site run slower than you’d like? WordPress is a powerful platform, but it needs to be maintained to stay fast, secure, and reliable. That’s where Your WP Guy comes in. We offer comprehensive WordPress maintenance services that keep your site running like new. Proper WordPress maintenance keeps your website running well. And…

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Your WP Guy Turns 6!

It’s Your WP Guys Birthday! I just wanted to jump on here because today’s a pretty big deal and I’ve got to really work on celebrating whenever there’s things that happen. Today is Your WP Guys sixth birthday. I took the leap six years ago to to just jump into doing WordPress only related work.…

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The Value of Our WordPress Maintenance Plan

The Value of Our WordPress Maintenance Plan - calculator on top of paper with a graph of growth

Getting a WordPress maintenance plan for your website means that someone is handling the necessary routine checks on your personal or business site. At Your WP Guy, we have packaged over 18+ years of WordPress experience into 3 different monthly packages. When you sign up for any of the monthly maintenance plans, you will enjoy…

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What is a WordPress Maintenance Plan?

what-is-a-wordpress-maintenance-plan-your-wp-guy tiles on a red, yellow and orange background spelling out plan a b or c

Did you know there are over 1.9 billion websites online? HOLY URLS BATMAN! If you want to compete with them, you should consider a maintenance plans for your WordPress site. The right maintenance plans can help keep your site secure and up to date. Then, your site can run quickly and smoothly to help support…

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What is a WordPress Backup? And Why Do I Need One?

what is a wordpress backup your wordpress guy external hard disk drive

The simple answer to this question is this. A WordPress backup is a copy of your website and database stored in a secure location. The longer explanation we have outlined below. But before we get into that, lets answer a couple of reasons why you need a WordPress backup. Why Do I Need to Backup…

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What is WordPress Security? A Brief Look

In this article, we will discuss the steps you must take to arm yourself against unlawful site invaders! Why is this so important? Because it takes more than the right DaVinci cryptex level password to keep the wrong people out of your website. These wrong doers are everywhere! Just watching and patiently plotting to take…

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What is WordPress Maintenance? A 5 Step Overview

Once you have installed and built your WordPress website, it is essential that you keep your updates fresh. Your WordPress site will require the same level of love, attention, and maintenance that goes into a car. Think about what happens to your car when you miss oil changes, ignore funny sounds, and don’t change your…

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