What is WordPress Security? A Brief Look

In this article, we will discuss the steps you must take to arm yourself against unlawful site invaders!

Why is this so important? Because it takes more than the right DaVinci cryptex level password to keep the wrong people out of your website.

These wrong doers are everywhere! Just watching and patiently plotting to take advantage of you and your website. To keep from being their next victim, be sure to beef up your security protocol with strong passwords, security plugins, and an SSL protected web address.

Feeling Insecure? Lets talk WordPress Security

The most important thing you can do for your WordPress security is to update your plugins & themes regularly. You’ll be surprised how often we have to cleanup a virus or malware on a site when these updates are not taken seriously.

The best practice would be to login to your WordPress dashboard and push those update buttons at least once a week. Create a calendar alert or a sticky note for yourself. Whatever helps you keep this priority front of mind!

Next, you should find a firewall plugin and an actual WordPress security plugin. WordFence and Sucuri are two of the top plugins out there that can handle all of these duties of securing your site. Both have free and paid versions of the plugins.

Another measure you should take is to delete any usernames that use “admin” or “support.” These are the most common go-to usernames a hacker uses to slide into your site!

You can also limit the number of logins from various IP addresses or usernames. This may require you to upgrade to a paid plugin. However, the cost is worth fending off criminals who want to corrupt your hard work.

The Importance Of Using A HTTPS Web Address


Today, hackers are using even more sophisticated techniques to gain access to your site. Now there are backdoor ways that don’t involve a login or username. That’s why many hosting providers, as well as Google, now require that you install an SSL certificate to your site. This certificate will upgrade your site from the common HTTP to HTTPS.

What does HTTPS do that a regular HTTP web address cannot do? This piece of code encrypts all information that a web visitor accesses when they land on your site. After performing this task, its way harder to find vulnerabilities in your code to exploit for malicious intent.

This means a win for the good guys. Take THAT evil!

what is WordPress security - bearded man in yellow shirt with red cape and jorts - In this article, we will discuss the steps you must take to arm yourself against unlawful site invaders! Why is this so important? Because it takes more than the right DaVinci cryptex level password to keep the wrong people out of your website.

How A Great WordPress Host Protects Your Site

A great web host can secure all aspects of your site’s files, upgrade your site’s PHP software, and maintain your database files too. This protects your site by validating all running parts allowing for less vulnerability when under attack. Think about how your skin protects your vital organs from potential harm. You host is just as important as the skin you live in!

What you should look for in a WordPress host is someone that offers server level security. We use a process called server hardening to do this, as well as use server-level firewalls to block out all hostile access.

Why Is WordPress Security Important to Your Small Business?

Small businesses often have less resources than larger companies, making them more vulnerable to cyber attacks. You may not have all the fancy security measures in place that larger companies do. And unfortunately, hackers know this. That's why it's crucial for you to take WordPress security seriously. It could mean the difference between a minor inconvenience and a major financial loss. Plus, security breaches can damage your business's reputation, which is no small thing.

WordPress security protects against cyber attacks ranging from the annoying to the downright catastrophic. It also helps to ensure that your website is always up and running, so your customers can access your products or services round the clock. And last but not least, it gives you peace of mind knowing that you're doing everything within your control to protect your business's online presence. 

What Is WordPress Security? A brief look

  1. A strong password is no longer enough.
  2. Run WordPress theme, core and plugin updates weekly.
  3. Install a good security plugin.
  4. Remove easy to guess usernames & passwords.
  5. Limit the amount of wrong login attempts.
  6. Install an SSL.
  7. Have a fantastic and secure host!


Your WP Guy team can provide all of these services to secure your site, and more. We will basically lock all of these backdoor entries into your site, install an SSL certificate, and make sure your site is routinely updated. There is also a lot of deep maintenance we perform to protect against the latest ways of compromising a WordPress site.

What is WordPress Security? A Brief Look

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