What is a WordPress Backup? And Why Do I Need One?

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The simple answer to this question is this. A WordPress backup is a copy of your website and database stored in a secure location.

The longer explanation we have outlined below. But before we get into that, lets answer a couple of reasons why you need a WordPress backup.

Why Do I Need to Backup My WordPress Website?

what-is-a-wordpress-backup-your-wordpress-guy-cute-baby-toddler-and-poodle-dog-playing-togetherFirst just like with all of the pictures you have on your phone, selfies, family photos, your favorite pet (yes we know you have one, even though your other pets may not know) and just random stuff you love taking pictures of (Mine is landscapes and tiny flowers). You usually have those backed up to the cloud, right? At this point most of us do, so I am going to assume those amazing pics you took on your last vacation are backed up as well.

We want this same level of backup care taken with our website, because the last thing we want is for something to happen and we not have a backup. Having 20+ years in the tech world, I have seen all the reasons why you need a backup and then some. Heck, just last year an entire data center caught fire and way too much data was lost.

Another reason why we want to make sure we have a backup, more than one, and it be offsite is because of hackers.

Like The Kids With Lucky Charms, Hackers Want What You Got!

They would LOVE a chance to hold your website hostage while they collect a ransom.  Hackers can do this through an array of hacking methods like plugins that haven’t been updated, not having a security plugin to block login attempts or simply just having your same password used on too many sites, to name a few.

So without a reliable backup, getting your site back to normal working conditions takes a miracle. Imagine your work getting stalled for months or longer, this has happened and it is a nightmare for a business owner. All because you can’t get your site’s files back! Yeah…NO THANK YOU.

A WordPress backup is the solution to combat this problem, as well as prevent scenarios where your hard work could be jeopardized. Exhale that sigh of relief! WordPress backups can be done by your hosting provider, a plugin, or by manually downloading the proper files. (My personal preference is: Host, Plugin to Offsite, Copy to my PC)

If you’re ready to charge up this website backup mountain on your own, here are some DIY ways you can backup your own site easily and securely.

A DIY Backup WordPress Backup Solution – UpdraftPlus Plugin

This is a standard, widely-used plugin that many WordPress site owners use. It can be set to create daily backups that do not take up a lot of server space. It can even be set to save your site’s files to Google Drive, Dropbox or a list of others. It’s not a difficult process, but it will take time if you’ve never done this before.

Inside of your WordPress dashboard, go to plugins, and then find the section that says “install new plugin” or “add new plugin.” You can search for all sorts of plugins here, but for now just find the UpdraftPlus plugin. Once you find it, you can click install and activate.

You’ll then need to connect your Google drive or Dropbox account, set up a schedule to upload your backups, and all of the files you want saved regularly.

Your Web Host Backups, A Quick Look

Its 2022 and most hosting platforms have backups that run on a 30 day cycle. If you aren’t sure if your host is backing up your website, I would suggest reaching out to them today to be sure.

Is this enough? We certainly wished, to be safe you need to be sure you have your own backup. Something that you rarely see discussed is when data is corrupted. If you have a single source backup as in only your web host, you might be in hot water.

For any of you who have backed up your computer to an external hard drive only to find that when you needed the data the most it wasn’t working. These are the scenarios we try to avoid by having multiple backups in multiple locations.

There is one other way you can have this work done for you though.

A maintenance plan offering you peace of mind (Shameless Plug)

When you invest in our maintenance services at Your WP Guy, you don’t have to worry about database files, connecting to your Google Drive, or making sure you have your latest files. We can handle all of this work for you! This way you can focus on creating new content and bringing in new business aka dolla dolla bills yall. (I am from Atlanta, so this may not make sense to everyone.)

If you have any interest in this, use our schedule consultation button in the top right corner and schedule a free 15 minute discovery call with our team.

Recap Time!

What Is a WordPress Backup and Why Does It Matter?

  1. A backup is a copy of your important data.
  2. You backup your photos with precious memories, this is almost as important.
  3. Hackers want to hold your data hostage! Ransomware stories here
  4. The roof the roof the roof was on fire! Data center goes up in smoke, so keep a local copy of your backup.
  5. We love UpdraftPlus, there are many others out there, it is just our favorite.
  6. Send your data to the cloud and keep a copy locally.
  7. Make sure your host is keeping a backup as well.
  8. Invest in a maintenance plan and sleep better knowing your backups are being taken care of for you.
  9. Once all of this is setup, go take a deep breath and relax.

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