Best Company To Register Your Domain Name With

The first step towards getting your website up and running is choosing the right domain name registrar. This is who will most likely become your web hosting partner as well.

This sounds dramatic but…how will I know if they’re the one?

Well, the right registrar should have additional features apart from low prices that will make running your website, online store, or blog easier and more convenient.

So, if you are planning to go with WordPress, consider choosing any of these reliable companies. Their services are specifically tailored for WordPress’ unique features!

Learn the best companies to register your domain name with and how each works, their costs and also how they have structured their web hosting packages. - person running in tall grass, but maybe they are on a trail - Best company to register your domain name with - your wp guy

Your WP Guy

Your first choice is a solid one. Your WP guy is unique in this list for being dedicated to WordPress website support.

With 18 + years of WordPress experience, you cannot go wrong with this robust domain name registrar.

Plus, if you build your WordPress sites and register your domain with Your WP Guy, then get on our Fast and Furious maintenance plan, your site will load in less than three seconds.

Three second speed from a guy has never been so celebrated!

In addition, Your WP Guy will monitor your site to ensure a 99% uptime. OK that's more like it.

It doesn’t stop there. Should you choose us for domain name registration, they offer WHOIS protection for security and privacy for FREE.

What’s more, their customer support team will assist with any website trouble at any time and as fast as possible. Actual humans help you here? No bots? No regrets! Their maintenance plan pricing tiers include:

  • Keep It Runnin’ ($99/month): automatic WordPress theme and plugin updates, basic security installation and monitoring, daily automatic site backups, and monthly performance reports
  • Quick Fix ($199/month): automatic theme, plugins, and WordPress core updates, advanced security, monthly performance and SEO reports, daily site backups, and technical fixes in an hour.
  • Fast and Furious ($299/month): Advanced security, plugin, theme and WordPress core updates, daily website backups, loading speed adjustments, monthly SEO and performance reports.

Network Solutions

Another option to refer to is Network Solutions. Their first client was the US government in 1991. Oh wow…not a bad first customer.  As the internet became more accessible, Network Solutions blew up as the previously sole registrar for .org, .net, and .com domain names and the sustainer of the WHOIS database.

Today, they offer much more than domain registration, professional web design, and cloud-based hosting plans that suit you as a small business owner. Network solution’s entry-level tier goes for $3.99 and offers unlimited bandwidth and ample storage, 99.99% uptime, 24/7 live chat, phone, and email customer support, and plenty of open-source library and language support.

(Editors note: We do not suggest using NS for hosting, should you use them for a registrar and want hosting we suggest using one of these two options - WP Guy Hosting or WPX Hosting)


Lastly on our list is GoDaddy. Another company who can handle your WordPress hosting and domain name registration. The features they offer include:

  • A free business mail and domain registration for the first year
  • Automatic WordPress core updates
  • One-click backup and restore
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee

GoDaddy’s pricing is ranked in tiers:

  • $6.99/month: The ‘Basic’ tier offers 30GB storage and 25K monthly visitors
  • $9.99 /month: The ‘Deluxe’ package offers 75GB of storage and up to 100k monthly site visitors
  • $12.99/month: the ‘Ultimate’ package offers unlimited bandwidth and storage
  • $15.99/month: unlimited storage and bandwidth, SSL certificate

(Editors note: We do not recommend any of the lower tier plans that Godaddy offers, we suggest a business class hosting package should you decide to use them. You will have way less issues with your website on a business plan. You can see their plans on our portal here: GoDaddy Hosting)

Why Is Domain Name Registration Important to Your Small Business?

Choosing a reputable company for domain name registration can solve the problem of your domain name being lost or taken by a less-than-savory registrar. Good companies have the expertise to help you navigate the many options available and ensure that your domain name is registered securely and legally. Plus, they can also provide added services like domain privacy, which keeps your personal information safe from prying eyes.

Working with a good domain name registration company can also save you time and money in the long run. With a reliable company managing your registration, you can avoid costly mistakes or mishaps that can lead to lost domains or lengthy legal battles. Additionally, good registrars can provide support and assistance whenever you need it, making it easier to manage your online presence and focus on growing your business. So, choose wisely, small business owners - your online identity is counting on it!


WordPress is an incredible website content management system with all the tools you need for a fully functional business site, blog, or online store.

Not to play favorites but if you truly want to experience it in all its grandeur, consider registering your domain with Your WP Guy Domains. With plenty of WordPress CMS experience and a bustling portfolio of happy clients, Your WP Guy will treat you how you deserve to be treated.

Best Company To Register Your Domain Name With Summary

• Choosing the right domain name registrar is the first step in launching a website, online store, or blog.

• Your WP Guy is a reliable choice that offers WHOIS protection, load speeds in under three seconds, and 99% uptime.

• Network Solutions has been around since 1991 and offers unlimited bandwidth and storage at an entry-level tier of $3.99/month.

• GoDaddy provides one-click backup and restore, unlimited storage and bandwidth, and SSL certificate for their highest-tier plan at $15.99/month.

• Your WP Guy Domains is the best option for WordPress websites with 18+ years experience in CMS technology and a bustling portfolio of happy clients.

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