How Your WP Guy Guards Against Sneaky WordPress Malware

This Scary Loophole Leaves Most WordPress Sites Wide Open to Hackers

Think your WordPress site is safe just because it has an active security plugin? Think again. In this bombshell interview, Your WP Guy founder Jonathan Wofford explains how a dangerous software blind spot allows hackers to breach websites right under most hosts’ noses.

Jonathan then outlines the additional server-side scanning and expert monitoring his team provides to catch malware other providers catastrophically miss. Thanks to their 360-degree vigilance, Your WP Guy detected and eradicated an active hack attacking a client within 4 hours of on-boarding when the previous major host never noticed a thing for months.

If you suddenly lost your site or customer data to crypto-ransomware, could your business recover? Don’t gamble another day on a false sense of website security—get the facts on closing gaps hackers exploit. See how Your WP Guy’s cutting-edge protection monitors your back 24/7:

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