What is WordPress?

The easy answer to this question is WordPress is a software anyone can use to edit and create a website. Before WordPress, it was very difficult to get a website running without the help of someone who could write code, like CSS, PHP and JavaScript.

Now anyone can create a website quickly by installing the WordPress software on their domain. A hosting provider, such as WPX or Your WP Guy Hosting, allows you to do this at the click of a button.

Before you take off buying a domain name, hosting and setting up WordPress, lets take a closer look at what WordPress is.

Why Use A Content Management System, Like WordPress, For Your Website?

A WordPress site is a type of software called a Content Management System or CMS. This type of software allows you to create blog posts, website pages, manage images and videos all from a single dashboard.

Inside of the WordPress dashboard, you’re able to see a menu that allows you to access your blog posts, web pages, and more. Without a dashboard, WordPress work on your website would be far more difficult. Forcing you to spend more time looking for things instead of adding what you need to your website.

WordPress allows anyone to create content for a website with just a few clicks. Just like how Apple revolutionized computers with clickable icons.

This way, your staff can simply login into the dashboard, navigate to where they can create a new post, write the content, and then click publish! (Just like we did with this post.)

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How WordPress Became The No. 1 CMS

Not only is WordPress accessible to someone who doesn’t know code, but it’s also customizable by those who do.

This has opened the door for many developers and designers to create a slew of new features. Ones that were not nearly as accessible as before. WordPress sites have the ability to turn into full eCommerce stores, online classrooms, forums, and more with just the installation of a few plugins.

Think of plugins as apps for your website. Plugins that allow you to better design your website regardless of experience, to install payment gateways that secure sales, as well as membership site software to package and deliver your content to your clients.

A fully personalized website with these features would’ve taken potentially a year to build in the past. Now you can customize your own website and have it up and running in just a few weeks.

What is WordPress? Why Does it Matter?

The way we see WordPress, it is a tool. A tool that allows you to increase your exposure online. A tool that you can customize or you can hire someone to customize to fit your vision. It is a way for you to share on the web and have a little place of your own. From blogs, to business websites to full eCommerce platforms, WordPress truly is a wonderfully beautiful customizable tool. If you are looking for a way to grow your business online, our suggestion and yes we are biased is to use WordPress. If you can dream it, it can be built using WordPress. That is why it matters to us, it allows our clients to have their business dreams and visions on the web in the most wonderful of ways.

If you are ready to act on your dreams and vision with WordPress, contact Your WP Guy today for a free consultation!

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