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30 Second breakdown – Payment Invoice – is a scam email subject line. It comes from: and contains the phone number: 903-493-9025 so if you see an email with any of this info, its a scam. Now onto payment invoice scam email

Anyone else out there sick of seeing these scam emails? For me I usually just ignore them and mark them as spam when they pop up. My main focus is WordPress Maintenance Plans, but its time I start talking about other areas we deal with.

Recently I was visiting with my parents and on the table was some paperwork from a mail scam. Now I am quite protective of my parents which means I looked at it and then explained how it was a scam and told both of them to not send any money to this mail scammer.

The response I received was less than agreeable, “I am not finished reading it…” Needless to say it was a political mail scam and I considered taking it outside and setting it on fire. :::SIGH:::

That conversation leads me to talk more about scam emails as these are quite efficient ways to scam people. Even if I am unable to save my parents from political mail scams, I can talk about email scams and hopefully someone will see the warning.

With all that being said, lets look at this email with the subject line: PAYMENT INVOICE from the scammer “PAYMENT INVOICE <>”

Hello Customer ,

Thank You for your payment. Your account has been debited with $397.29 for the Auto Renewable plan of your McAfee family. The charges might reflect within a few moments to 24 hours. For any query or assistance please reach out to us @ +1 (903) 493-9025 / +1 (903) 493-9025.


Invoice Number – TYDZW7376509

Product Issue Date Expiration Date Qty Amount
McAfee Security 360 Plan June, 16, 2021 June, 15, 2026 1 $397.29
PC Solution

5000 Headquarters Dr, Plano, TX 75024, USA

We are an associate of the Geek Squad.

You are important:-     

In case of any dispute or query or to cancel the subscription please reach out to our support team @ toll free

+1 (903) 493-9025 / +1 (903) 493-9025  and get a full refund. Please note you have 24 hours to report a dispute.

Thank You.

#PCSolutions_ McAfee

Now for me, this was an easy scam to spot as I don’t use McAfee and haven’t for over 12 years. But for a McAfee user I bet they would freak out a little bit seeing a bill for almost $400 show up out of no where.

If I were a McAfee user or Geek Squad customer, how would I be able to tell if this is legit or not?

First I would look at who sent the email, sometimes the scammers go to some lengths to hide who the email is from, but this one is using a Gmail email address. Which is a red flag for any email that you receive that looks just a little off.

It is funny to me how many scam emails are sent from the Gmail platform, especially since Google made the video below back in 2017 about scam emails! Its worth the watch if you aren’t familiar with payment invoice email scams.

What should you do if you receive a payment invoice scam email?

Me personally, I just typically mark it as spam in my inbox and call it a day. Now you are probably asking yourself why I wouldn’t just report them to Gmail, which is a valid point.

Here is the reason why, because Google makes you fill out a form when you want to report abuse. It is faster for me to mark the email as spam and go about my day than to spend the time filling out their form.

If you want to see the step by step on how to fill out the Google abuse reporting form, Wikihow has a step by step: Click here to see the step by step guide

The other reason why I don’t report them is because all Google will do is remove that account and the scammer just moves to their next email address that is working and continues on with the scam. So all I would have done is wasted more of my time than theirs and that isn’t something I am willing to do.

For all of you out there looking up the phone number 903-493-9025, yes it is a scam. So mark them as spam and call it a day, unless you have some spare time, then I would say report them using the form.

I will do my best to post the others as they arrive in my inbox. But for now, if you want to see what some amazingly brilliant people are doing to fight the email scammers take a look at Scammer Paybacks YouTube Channel

Thanks for reading and be careful with these email scams!

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