What is a Landing Page?

Recent statistics reveal that businesses that create over 30 landing pages will achieve seven times more leads than companies that have less than ten landing pages.

What is a landing page? It boosts sales, but what else is it boosting? Besides my company’s self esteem.

Keep reading to learn what a landing page is, why it’s important, and how to get it built right. All will reveal itself, beginning now!

What Is a Landing Page?

What is a landing page? When it comes to converting new leads, explore how to use a landing page to reach your business goals and boost sales. - woman standing in a gym looking like she just finished a gymnastics routine.

It’s a standalone web page. It is a way to target and capture prospects when they click on something of yours, like a digital advertisement or email.

Landing pages do not live within your websites menu, but on their own, and for a particular reason. You make them for a specific moment in time in an advertising campaign or in digital marketing initiatives. So be sure to pour a lot into them to really stick that landing.

Purpose of a Landing Page

Its objective is to capture a viewer’s contact details, but not for free. Instead, it will exchange the person’s contact details for something that has value. Quid pro quo!

In a B2B format, it could be a white paper that you offer, or it could give you access to watch a pre-recorded webinar. If it is a landing page for a retail business, you could offer a discount code.

Your general website has a homepage, and on that homepage, it provides the visitor with an overview of what you do. For short-term goals with a niche aim in mind, landing pages are better as an online marketing tool as they drive better conversions.

When Do You Need a Website Landing Page?

Sometimes the most effective method to capture leads is by building a landing page. Landing pages can drive sales because:

  • Attracting different customer personas
  • Focusing attention
  • Becoming a lead magnet
  • PPC advertising
  • Easier Testing

All you need to include in your copy with keywords, your brand voice, and media (like a video or image). If you can personalize these too, which helps with conversion as well.

Designing a Landing Page

First, outline what the offer is. You can create landing page copy that is highly targeted when you can establish your offer. So make them an offer they can’t refuse!

Remember that they will all be unique. A Facebook ad offer will not look the same as a paid Google ad offer.

You must have a powerful landing page copy. It is everything, they always say content is king!

Benefits and Solutions

It is not enough to tell someone what you are selling. Your audience needs a clear definition of how your product or solution benefits them. This means that your landing page will need to clearly explain how it solves a challenge. Challenge accepted!

How your landing page should flow is that you explain the benefits of your product or solution, show more detail on the features, then testimonials or case studies to prove what you say.

Add an Explainer Video

If you want your visitors to get a better sense of the benefits and really experience your message, embed a video on the landing page.

Have you heard the phrase that “a picture is worth a thousand words?” Well, Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research reveals that 60-seconds of video is worth about 1.8 million words.

Furthermore, it forces the visitor to click to watch the video, causing them to engage with your landing. These are just a few reasons adding a landing page explainer video will boost engagement on your landing page and increase conversion rates.

Interesting Call to Action

This is the home stretch, and it will make a big impact on your rate of conversion. Each landing page must have one call to action alongside a big submit button.

Use catchy words or phrases which instill a sense of urgency. You can say things like:

  • Get
  • Give
  • Let’s build your offer
  • Get a 30-day trial instantly

The call-to-action button should include a landing page copy that reiterates what your offer is. It also needs a design that catches someone's eye, like a snazzy-looking button.

Fabulous Design

While a landing page should follow suit with your brand guidelines, it could be the first impression too. This could be the first opportunity that your target audience is interacting with your company. That’s why it is imperative to have an excellent design, one that entices the viewer.

Here are some sections you need in the landing page design:

  • Headline
  • Offer copy
  • CTA
  • Social proof

Social proof is the final say that you have, getting your prospect to purchase from you. It is a way to show your brand reputation and build a trusting rapport. You can do this by real-life testimonials or by displaying media outlets that may have spoken about your product or solution.

Responsive: Have Your Landing Page Mobile Optimized

What is a landing page? When it comes to converting new leads, explore how to use a landing page to reach your business goals and boost sales. - two people test a mobile app on their phone while their coworker plays minecraft on a desktop opposite them

Last year, over 50% of traffic came from mobile phones.

Unfortunately, too often, businesses go to work designing their landing page (or even their website) and consider the mobile layout after the fact. Ouch.

Instead, be sure to consider optimizing your landing page when you create it. This means fast loading times, too.

If the mobile landing page takes too long to load, you will miss out on opportunities because of high drop-off rates. It should take five seconds or fewer to load on a smartphone.

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What is a landing page? It is a vital tool that, when designed right, will make you money!

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