What if I only have $1?

I have bootstrapped my business long enough that, at times, I literally only had one dollar to solve a problem. Sometimes that dollar bought me a .99 cent burrito (a fine meal for breakfast, lunch OR dinner) and other times I had to put it in my gas tank. As you might remember, a buck in the gas tank didn’t get you very far during the recession. Then there were times where that one dollar went to buying a much needed cup of coffee, which fueled me on my quest to solve more problems.

There are amazing solutions waiting to be garnered out of a single dollar bill.

It forces you to look at problems different, to be creative, to bootstrap. Your mind is encouraged to come up with solutions you might not have thought of if you had more than one problem to solve it.

The power of one dollar is truly amazing to me. Especially the fact that, if used correctly, you can turn that dollar into two and those two into four. Doubling or tripling that dollar might be the solution you need to in order to pay that bill, buy that product for your business or invest in a new website.

It might seem insurmountable of a task to figure out how to do this, but sometimes when we have limited resources our brain is forced to come up with creative ways to solve that problem. And that’s not such a bad thing.

Luckily, these days, I have more than one dollar in my pocket. However, I still try to function in the “$1 mindset” when I’m solving problems for my clients. I get small and limit my resources in order to come up with ideas that, in the long run, are exactly what the client needs and often times saves them money.

What problems are you facing today in your business? Let’s brainstorm together.

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