What if I had no limits?

This is one of the craziest thought experiments I’ve participated in. You can really learn a lot about yourself and your own personal limitations when your mindset embraces this idea of having no limits.

Think about it for a moment. What if you had all of your bills paid and enough money to do anything you wanted at the moment you wanted to?

Literally. Anything you want.

What if you could solve any problem or issue in the world by just snapping your fingers (or by winking…for those of you who can’t snap).

What would you do?

What if there were no other issues or problems except for the one in front of you? What if you snapped your fingers and there magically appeared a solution ready to be implemented? What if that solution implemented itself?!

What would that solution look like? How long would it take to be complete? Does it have a smell? Does it have a taste? ((yes, the taste of victory counts) If you reached out and touched this solution, what would it feel like?

After you implement that solution, work backwards all the way back to the moment you solved it? Do you have a better idea of what that the solution should look like now?

You have no limitations in your life except the ones you place on yourself. That is why this thought experiment in problem solving is so amazing! It helps you to move away from the limitations you place on yourself.

I have to say that when I started using this thought process for solving problems, my life totally shifted. Things started happening in my life that I wanted to happen for years. I finally smartened up enough to get out of my own way.

I was depressed and lonely and living week to week in my business. Now have a business plan that stretches out through 2017. I am saving money weekly. And, as of this past weekend, have a fiancé. Someone that I was searching for for many years and she has finally come into my life.

Now that I have put all of these thoughts into my business, my name ended up in a book with James Malinchak. I am regularly meeting other people on a higher level of thinking and my business is a lot more profitable.

With my old mentality, I didn’t have a vacation for 14 years! Now I am traveling some where almost every month. I don’t worry nearly as much as I did nor do I have the same problems as before. I have new problems that are exciting to solve.

Think about being free of all problems and having fast access to solve all your problems and watch you life change around you.

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