“Is It Just Me?”: Tools to Check the Availability of Your Website Worldwide

Having a consistently available website is crucial for any business competing digitally today. But maintaining website availability can be a major pain point, especially for small businesses with limited resources.

When your site suffers downtime or simply becomes inaccessible for customers, the costs are very real—from immediate sales losses during outages to long-term brand reputation damage if customers repeatedly face issues accessing your site.

The good news is that various tools are available to help you stay on top of website availability no matter where your audience is located. Let's look at some must-have types of monitoring tools you can start using now to avoid lost revenue and customers due to website access problems.

Website Performance Monitoring

Website performance monitoring tools provide an at-a-glance view of your overall website's availability and uptime. They continuously check your site from global locations, alerting you to any outages or lags. This website availability monitoring gives you the power to promptly identify and resolve issues before they impact conversions and search rankings.

Some popular website performance monitoring options include:

  • Pingdom allows unlimited uptime checks your site every minute from over 60 locations worldwide. Its real-time alerts ensure you're the first to know of any website downtime. Plus, it can monitor the uptime of your SSL certificates.
  • UptimeRobot provides comprehensive monitoring and instant notifications via email, SMS, Slack, and more. Its free plan covers up to 50 monitors.

Regular performance monitoring is key—the average website faces over 4 hours of unplanned downtime per month. Don't let your website be part of that statistic.

Website Speed Testing

While monitoring tools provide an overall website status snapshot, granular insights are essential too. Website speed testing tools analyze how individual pages on your site perform in terms of load speed, resources, and user experience.

Slow page speeds turn off users. In fact, a 1-second delay could result in 7% lower conversions. Speed testing identifies optimization opportunities to deliver lightning-fast website experiences.

Helpful options include:

  • Google PageSpeed Insights measures desktop and mobile performance and provides actionable improvement tips. Best of all - it's free!
  • WebPageTest simulates a user's experience from various locations to pinpoint website speed bottlenecks. Its reports include detailed performance data.
  • Pingdom Website Speed Test performs speed checks from multiple global regions. You can run one-off tests or schedule recurring ones.

By monitoring page load speeds, you can catch website sluggishness before visitors do. Optimizing speed based on these insights directly improves user experience.

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Multi-Location Webpage Load Testing

Your website must deliver excellent performance globally, not just locally. However, many testing tools only assess speed from one location.

Specialized website load testing tools analyze how your pages perform when accessed from diverse geographic regions. This reveals precisely how your website holds up for international audiences.

Helpful options include:

  • GeoSurf tests page loading from over 25 countries across North America, Europe, and Asia. Its detailed reports highlight region-specific performance issues.
  • WebSitePulse hits your site from over 50 global locations. You can run one-time tests or schedule recurring monthly checks.
  • Loader.io measures load times from regions spanning the Americas, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Its cloud-based tests simulate different traffic volumes.

Multi-location load testing ensures fast experiences for users worldwide. Don't make international visitors wait longer than necessary to access your website.

Web Security Monitoring

Along with performance, security is vital for your website's availability and integrity. Hackers constantly evolve, using new techniques like DDoS attacks to disrupt websites. Web security monitoring tools scan your site for vulnerabilities and threats. This allows you to reinforce your defenses before issues cause downtime.

Useful options include:

  • Sucuri SiteCheck performs malware scans and security audits to identify website risks. It offers free weekly scans with unlimited site checks.
  • Quttera examines web security protocols and checks for malware. It delivers instant reports categorizing issues by severity.
  • Internally, for our clients, we monitor and scan using a server-side scanner,   plus a website-side scanner. We want to ensure all of our clients' website surfaces are covered.

Proactive security monitoring gives intelligence to keep attackers at bay and prevent disruptive website outages. Don't overlook it in your availability strategy.

Why Website Availability Matters to Your Business

For small businesses especially, ensuring consistent website availability can make or break customer relationships and revenue. Website downtime and delays cost you in multiple ways—from immediate sales decreases during outages to long-term brand reputation damage if customers repeatedly face access issues.

Small businesses often lack sizable IT teams to continuously monitor performance. The tools here provide an affordable way to stay on top of website availability without overstretching limited budgets and resources. Leveraging these solutions allows small businesses to compete on a more level playing field against larger companies when it comes to delivering reliable website access.

Ultimately, these tools solve the critical problem of lost revenue and customers due to website access issues. Small businesses rely heavily on their online presence to engage customers globally. By optimizing availability, they can provide the seamless experiences modern consumers expect.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining website availability requires vigilance, but it's one of the smartest investments you can make in your online business. Don't wait for customers to complain that your site is unreachable. Take control of monitoring today and deliver the experience your audience deserves with these essential tools.

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Tools to Check the Availability of Your Website Worldwide Summary

  • Website availability is essential for small businesses competing digitally today.
  • Downtime and delays cost businesses through immediate revenue losses and long-term reputation damage.
  • Website performance monitoring tools provide at-a-glance views of overall uptime and availability.
  • Website speed testing tools give granular insights into individual page load performance.
  • Multi-location load testing reveals how site pages perform for international audiences.

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