What is a website maintenance service list?

Our comprehensive checklist includes a range of tasks and services designed to ensure that your website runs smoothly, efficiently, and securely. Here’s what we include in our website maintenance services:


  1. Security updates: We keep your website secure by installing the latest security patches and updates for WordPress, themes, and plugins.


  1. Performance optimization: We optimize your website’s performance by monitoring speed, caching, minification, and other factors that impact user experience.


  1. Backups: We create regular backups of your website to protect against data loss due to technical issues, human error, or cyber attacks.


  1. Technical issues resolve technical issues like plugin conflicts, server errors, and other problems promptly to minimize downtime and maintain optimal functionality.


  1. Ecommerce support: If you run an online store, we provide support for ecommerce software, inventory management, payment processing, and customer concerns.


  1. Custom theme development: We design custom themes tailored to meet your specific needs, providing a unique look and feel that sets your brand apart from competitors.


  1. Phone support: We offer instant assistance from our team of experts via phone support, ensuring that you get the help you need quickly and efficiently.


  1. Website analytics: We monitor your website’s performance using analytics tools, providing insights into user behavior, traffic patterns, and conversion rates.


  1. Uptime monitoring: We monitor your website’s uptime to ensure that it remains accessible to visitors and customers at all times.


  1. Broken link checking: We identify and repair broken links on your website to maintain optimal user experience and prevent negative impacts on SEO.


  1. Plugin updates: We keep your plugins up-to-date to ensure that they function properly and don’t pose security risks or compatibility issues.


  1. WordPress version updates: We keep your WordPress installation up-to-date to ensure that you have access to the latest features, security patches, and improvements.


At Your WP Guy, we understand that maintaining a website requires ongoing effort and expertise. That’s why we offer a range of website maintenance packages tailored to meet your specific requirements. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help take your website to the next level.

Keep Your Website Design Running Smoothly With Our WordPress Maintenance Plans.

Our expert team can provide the ongoing website support and website maintenance your site needs to thrive through our three flexible monthly plans:

Your WP Essential ($99/month) – Day-to-day maintenance, updates, backups, and security

Your WP Plus ($199/month) – Everything in Essential plus advanced troubleshooting and support

Your WP Pro ($299/month) – Our premium plan with maximum support and customization

Keep your website in expert hands. Compare your maintenance options and get started today!

Need a new website design or just a refresh? We can help with that too!

Want to learn more about what’s included in each plan? Check out our basic WordPress maintenance checklist.

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