Permalink Manager Pro Vulnerability – Missing Authorization to Authenticated (Author+) Arbitrary Post Slug Modification – CVE-2024-2538 | WordPress Plugin Vulnerability Report

Plugin Name: Permalink Manager Pro

Key Information:

  • Software Type: Plugin
  • Software Slug: permalink-manager
  • Software Status: Active
  • Software Author: mbis
  • Software Downloads: 1,661,826
  • Active Installs: 80,000
  • Last Updated: March 19, 2024
  • Patched Versions:
  • Affected Versions: <=

Vulnerability Details:

  • Name: Permalink Manager <=
  • Title: Missing Authorization to Authenticated (Author+) Arbitrary Post Slug Modification
  • Type: CVSS:3.1/AV:N/AC:L/PR:L/UI:N/S:U/C:N/I:L/A:L
  • CVE: CVE-2024-2538
  • CVSS Score: 5.4
  • Publicly Published: March 18, 2024
  • Researcher: Muhammad Zeeshan (Xib3rR4dAr)
  • Description: The Permalink Manager Pro plugin for WordPress contains a vulnerability in all versions up to and including, where there's a lack of proper authorization checks on the 'ajax_save_permalink' function. This flaw allows authenticated users with author-level permissions or higher to alter the permalinks of arbitrary posts without proper authorization, potentially leading to content misdirection or URL spoofing.


Permalink Manager Pro, a widely utilized plugin for customizing URL structures on WordPress sites, has been identified to have a critical security flaw in versions up to This vulnerability, designated as CVE-2024-2538, has been rectified in the recent patch

Detailed Overview:

This security oversight was uncovered by security researcher Muhammad Zeeshan, revealing a significant risk within the plugin's functionality. The absence of adequate capability checks in the 'ajax_save_permalink' function could enable attackers with sufficient access to maliciously modify post URLs, leading to potential SEO impacts and user confusion. The prompt issuance of a patched version highlights the critical nature of this vulnerability and the necessity for immediate updates.

Advice for Users:

  • Immediate Action: Users of the Permalink Manager Pro plugin should immediately update to version to safeguard their websites from potential exploitation.
  • Check for Signs of Vulnerability: Administrators are advised to review post permalinks for unexpected modifications and inspect user activity logs for unauthorized changes, especially from users with author-level access.
  • Alternate Plugins: While the patched version addresses this specific vulnerability, users may explore alternative permalink management plugins to diversify their site's plugin portfolio and mitigate reliance on a single solution.
  • Stay Updated: Regular updates and diligent monitoring of plugins and their vulnerabilities are essential practices for maintaining website security and integrity. Staying informed through reputable security blogs and forums can provide early warnings about potential vulnerabilities.


The discovery and subsequent patching of CVE-2024-2538 in Permalink Manager Pro underscore the ongoing challenge of digital security within the WordPress ecosystem. By staying vigilant, regularly updating plugins, and adhering to security best practices, users can significantly enhance the security posture of their WordPress installations.


Detailed Report: 

In the digital landscape where your website serves as the cornerstone of your business's online presence, security vulnerabilities like the one found in the Permalink Manager Pro plugin—identified as CVE-2024-2538—serve as a crucial reminder of the ever-present need for vigilance and timely action. This plugin, renowned for enabling WordPress users to tailor their URL structures for improved SEO and user experience, was recently spotlighted for a significant security oversight that could potentially compromise the integrity of countless websites.

Permalink Manager Pro: A Closer Look

Permalink Manager Pro is a powerful tool designed by mbis, boasting over 1.6 million downloads and actively installed on 80,000 WordPress sites. Its primary function is to provide users with the flexibility to customize the permalinks of their posts, pages, and categories beyond the default settings provided by WordPress. However, with great power comes great responsibility—the responsibility to safeguard the plugin from exploitation.

Unveiling CVE-2024-2538

CVE-2024-2538 is a vulnerability that was present in all versions of Permalink Manager Pro up to and including The flaw was due to a lack of proper authorization checks within the 'ajax_save_permalink' function, allowing authenticated users with author-level permissions or higher to alter the permalinks of arbitrary posts. This could lead to unauthorized content changes, URL spoofing, and potential SEO ramifications, highlighting the critical nature of this security gap.

Risks and Impacts

The implications of such a vulnerability cannot be understated. Beyond the immediate threat of unauthorized permalink modifications, the broader risks include diminished site integrity, user trust erosion, and potential penalties from search engines if malicious redirects or SEO spam were to be injected. For small businesses relying on their digital footprint, these risks could translate into tangible losses.

Remediation Strategies

In response to the discovery of CVE-2024-2538, the developers of Permalink Manager Pro promptly released a patched version,, effectively neutralizing the threat. Users of the plugin are strongly encouraged to update to this latest version to secure their sites. Additionally, it's advisable to review user roles and permissions, ensuring only trusted individuals have the capability to make such critical changes.

Historical Context

This is not the first time vulnerabilities have been identified in Permalink Manager Pro, with five other issues reported since September 27, 2021. This history underscores the importance of ongoing diligence and the need for a proactive stance on digital security.

The Imperative of Proactive Security Measures

For small business owners navigating the complexities of maintaining a WordPress website, the discovery of vulnerabilities like CVE-2024-2538 serves as a potent reminder of the critical importance of staying informed and acting swiftly. Regular updates, vigilant monitoring of user roles and permissions, and an understanding of the plugins and tools your site utilizes are fundamental to ensuring its security and, by extension, the security of your business online.

In conclusion, the digital realm demands not just our creativity and innovation but also our attentiveness and commitment to security. By embracing a proactive approach to website management, staying abreast of the latest vulnerabilities and updates, and understanding the tools at our disposal, we can fortify our digital presences against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats. For small business owners, this vigilance is not just a best practice—it's a vital component of maintaining trust, integrity, and success in the digital marketplace.

Staying Secure

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Permalink Manager Pro Vulnerability – Missing Authorization to Authenticated (Author+) Arbitrary Post Slug Modification – CVE-2024-2538 | WordPress Plugin Vulnerability Report FAQs

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