Increased Speed on All Maintenance Plans

I am always looking for new ways to do things and increase your WordPress website speed. Today I am happy to announce that we have added a new benefit to our line up, increasing the speed of your website. A prime example of this is where I started this morning on the site you are currently looking at. I pulled all of my typical tweaks off the site and ran a speed test, check out the results of the initial test below.


Now I love seeing this because I know what comes behind this, which is me laying out some tweaks and watching that page load time drop. What I have added into the mix is WP-Rocket, which now comes free with any of our maintenance plans! This plugin is amazing with the base tweaks it allows me to do, plus the integration’s that allow me to tweak even more on the server side. With our maintenance plans you get to use this plugin on your site, plus you get a free professional setup. This is a $238 yearly value that we are adding into your plan for free! But I am not here to sell you on our service. I am here to “geek out” about the speed increase that I have seen since implementing the changes.

Check this out:


WHATTTT!!!!! Under 2 second page load time, plus a major size decrease in the total page size. I am sorry, but stuff like this excites me! I am rolling this out across all of our client sites over the next few days and taking snap shots of the before and afters.

Ok, so all this tech blah blah blah, but what does this mean for you. Well it means that Google will like your website even more, as it is an SEO ranking factor. If being on the front page of Google means something to you and spending less on Google Ads because your site is so fast, then this is something you will want in your life.

I am off to go speed up some more websites! See you guys as I update this post with more before and afters! (I may have to blur out some of the domain names, client anonymity and all, but I can post the speed!)

Speeding up WordPress, here I come!

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