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Recent Equifax Hack Affecting Millions

I am actually on my honeymoon currently, but I have been watching the news due to the Hurricane Irma that just hit Georgia, where we live. In that news is something else major out of Atlanta which is the Equifax security and data breach, which I have been sharing info via our Facebook site. Someone…

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Updates to Site Speed! 12-15-2016

We have been hard at work getting loads of new and exciting things together for all of you guys. We have some price updates coming over the next couple of weeks. Plus you all need to know what we have been adding in the background of each of your websites. We have added the following…

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Increased Speed on All Maintenance Plans

I am always looking for new ways to do things and increase your WordPress website speed. Today I am happy to announce that we have added a new benefit to our line up, increasing the speed of your website. A prime example of this is where I started this morning on the site you are…

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