15 Easy Steps To Use Gmail to Pull Your Pop Email into One Location for Easy Email Management

Problem: Sarah & Jim keep having their email, that comes from some of their promotion email addresses, landing in their Spam folder on their Gmail account. They freaking love Gmail and they have their inbox setup with filters, so that when email comes in it automatically goes into the correct folder. Google came out with a new spam filter, so now all of their forwarded emails are landing in their spam folder and even worse some are being rejected. Yikes!

Solution: So after doing a little research they found out that they can have Gmail just pull the email from the other email boxes and put it into their inbox. Which means their filters start working again! They are freaking excited about this solution, that you can read about below!

15 Easy Steps To Use Gmail to Pull Your Pop Email into One Location for Easy Email Management

Are you using forwards to move your multiple email addresses around? Have you found that you keep having your forwarded mail end up in your spam box? Do you just really want an easier way to manage your email from one inbox?

I am sure tons of people are already doing this, so I may be late to the game here. But I just used this to solve an issue for a client and I had to share, as I think it is super freaking cool!

Here is what I just setup for a client in just 15 Easy Steps!

1.  Login to Gmail

2.  From Your Inbox, Click on the Widget in the top right hand corner

3.  From the Drop Down, Click on Settings

4.  Now that you are on the settings page, click on “Accounts and Import”

5.  Now under “Send Mail As” Click on “Add Another Email Address”

6.  It will pop up a window that will ask for the email address you want to add, type the email address in here.

Click Next

7.  On the next Screen it only allows me to use Pop email, so I just clicked next on it.

8. Here is where you will type in your email settings.

Email address and Password that you use to login via web mail. Your Email server name, which you may need to get from your email provider.

I have mine set to label the email coming from each email address it is pulling in. This is awesome because I automatically know where the email is coming from.

I would test it will the SSL connection to see if that will work, if so use it. Click “Add Account”

9. On this screen I would suggest allowing emails coming into that specific email address to also be replied to via that email address.

This will confuse people less when they are sending you email via their auto populate feature in their email.

Click Next

10.  If you have multiple email address

you will be setting up I would suggest labeling each of the accounts based on the email address, it will make it easier when you need to remove or change one.

I also have mine setup to view the email address as an alias.

Click Next Step

11.  Here is where you will enter your outgoing email settings,

that you may need to get from your provider. We use TLS and port 587 for our email just to keep it secure.

Click Add Account

12.  Next you will get an email to the email address you are adding.
13.  You will need to go check that email and get the code to paste into the verification box.

Now I intentionally left out a screen cap here as everyones email will look different and I didn’t want to cause any confusion.

14.  Click Verify

15.  It will now be setup and drop you back on the settings page.

My suggestion would be to now choose “Reply from the same address the message was sent to” this keeps your email coming and going via the correct email address. But you can set it to reply from your gmail address if that is easier for you. I like the email addresses staying together so that I can setup smart folders in Gmail.

If you changed that or not, you are done! Congrats on setting up Gmail to check your email and keeping your inbox looking a lot cleaner!

Side note, Gmail will check for new mail every 1 minute, so you won’t have much if any delay in getting your email messages. I think this is super cool!

Thanks for reading and if you hit a snag feel free to reach out to us and we will be more than happy to help!

This has been Setting Up Gmail to Check Your Pop Email Address in Just 15 Easy Steps. We hope you are as freaking excited to have learned something new as Sarah & Jim!


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