We also give you these Superb Extras!

Terms and Conditions Plugin

Did you know that Google wants you to have a proper Terms and Conditions page? Well if you aren’t an attorney or don’t have one, then we will add this to your site.

Why is this important to you? As the web grows more complex and integrated there is a need for legal documents. This is merely a stepping stone towards helping you get your Terms and Conditions under control. Our suggestion is to ultimately hire an attorney to write your T&C based on your needs.

WordPress Training Videos

Let’s say that you want us to handle all of your technical stuff, which we love doing. However you want to update your pages and blog posts yourself? But honestly you kind of flounder a lot of times due to the not fully understanding what you need to do. We have videos to help you learn more about the back end environment!

Why is this important to you? We have heard that one of the frustrations with WordPress is that website owners aren’t sure what they need to do to make a new page, much less a new blog post. What about adding images? We have a video series for you to use to learn what you need in order to be a WordPress posting expert!