This is where we originally had the idea for starting our WordPress Concierge Maintenance plans. Our founder was working closely with a furniture company with a product list of about 15,000 items. Which if you have an Ecommerce store you know it can slow down your site when you have that many items. So he started researching how to increase the speed of WordPress websites, especially sites running that many items. After many test, tweaks, trials, and errors, he finally found what was needed to get the speed of that site on any page to load in under 3 seconds. The original page load was upwards of 15 seconds and the final page load was 2.3 seconds. How about that for a huge speed increase. Guess who loves fast speed on an ecommerce site? Google. The sudden rankings showed that to be true when that was the only thing that changed on the site!

Why is this important to you? The industry research shows that the majority of users will not wait more than 4 seconds for a page to load. This is on desktop or mobile devices and some people will say more than 3 seconds and you lose most mobile searchers. Yikes! If you are running ads or have a lot of offsite traffic you are trying to get on site and you have a high page load time, you will lose 80% or more of that traffic. How many conversions are you losing?

One of the first things we do with potential clients is look at their page speed. If it is more than 4 seconds, then we get excited because we know we can help them. So, let us help you!