If you have never heard of this tool, then you may not know how valuable it is. What we do is set the tool up to run a report for you. This report will show you how well you are doing against some of your competitors. Want to look at a sample report? Click here to view a sample report

We want you to have as much information as we can give you, so that you will know how well your content and website is doing, especially against your competition. This tool is a valuable resource when you are looking at where you are vs where you need to go with your content and rankings.

Why is this important to you? Knowledge is power, like we discussed in Google Webmaster Tools. This gives you some insight into how well you are doing plus how well your competition is doing. Want to get a leg up on your competitors, sometimes you must see what they are doing in order to get that advantage. What if your competition is already using this tool to outrank and outmaneuver your online business? What would it be worth to you to have the same knowledge as them or even more knowledge? This is your starting point!