We utilize Yoast SEO plugin to help get you on your way with SEO on your website. If you are already using a plugin, you can keep what you already have in place. Our preference is Yoast as it allows us to configure automatically a few things that will help your on-page SEO. Plus, it sets you in a good position to knock out some great SEO changes on your site and get some feedback on your existing pages. We have seen sites that had no SEO on their site get a slight increase after adding our basic setup with no other changes. Does that mean you will have the same jump? Not always, but it will help you in your long-term SEO success. Which is what we want and why we offer our SEO reports as well.

Why is this important to you? Our entire platform is built on the premise that you need your SEO working correctly. We take care of the speed and lay the foundation for you to build on. A great foundation helps to get you to the top of Google faster, as speed is a ranking factor. Now keep in mind, this is the foundation, you will need to have the content in place for the foundation to help support. Not to worry though, we can help you with that, once you are on a WordPress Concierge Maintenance Plan.