Webmaster Tools is probably one of the most underrated sources of information for websites. When you combine the data from Webmaster Tools with Google Analytics data, you can see a clear picture of how people are getting to your website and where they are going. One of the other neat things from this is that Google will tell you about issues with your site, if they can see it and if they can’t then what the issue is. As your WordPress Maintenance Concierge, this is valuable information for us to help fix issues, should they arise. Plus, if you want to see what keywords people are searching for that land them on your website, this is the place to view all that valuable data.

Why is this important to you? There is an old saying, more knowledge equals more power. This power helps you make business decisions easier when you have the knowledge and data to make decisions. Plus, should you ever have an issue with Google, this is the place to start when you are trying to sort out that issue. We all know how important Google traffic is to us, this is the place to start.