We have covered the importance of Core and Plugin updates, let’s just carry over those reasons here. Security from getting hacked, this is an area where we see the most vulnerabilities. The scariest part of having your theme hacked is that the hack may be lying dormant deep inside of the theme files. So, you think it is cleaned up if you do it yourself, only to find out that it keeps reinstalling or corrupting your files. We dealt with this issue on one site and found the issue was coming out of a file that looked legit and even with our normal scans came back clean. Needless to say, we implemented 2 more layers of scan security after that and haven’t had that issue again.

Why is this important to you? Prevents downtime, prevents conflicts, prevents headaches for you and gives you peace of mind knowing that you shouldn’t have an issue. Should you have an issue we are quick to get them resolved. What we see most of the time when we move people over to our WordPress Maintenance Concierge service is that there are infections that must be cleaned once the migration to our server is complete. How horrible would it be to have an infection on your site that you are passing to your clients and no one even knows? Let us secure your site and keep you up to date.