Plugin updates are similar to the core updates where it keeps your site safe and secure. Here is another thought, each of your plugins were probably created by different developers. Some of you may not even know that you have plugins, much less how many plugins are running on your site. As part of our update process, we make sure the plugins, even the paid for plugins are up to date. We also monitor the plugins against a vulnerabilities list to help ensure that none of them have been compromised. A compromised plugin can open your site to being hacked, which would result in downtime and potential loss of revenue.

Why is this important to you? Besides the already discussed down time, we make sure that you don’t have conflicts with plugins. We want you to be running as optimally as possible and sometimes we must go in to make manual adjustments with plugins. Other times we may have to work directly with a plugin creator to troubleshoot your specific issue. This saves you time and headaches because we speak the same language at the programmers. Which means we can get your problem resolved at a faster rate than if you should go back and forth with the programmers yourself. Would you rather deal with the programmers or let us handle it for you?