In addition to our server level security, we utilize Wordfence for all of our clients. Wordfence is one of the top on site security plugins for WordPress. There are some great configurations that you can use inside of Wordfence that most of the other plugins don’t allow you to configure. In our server environment, we have found that it works amazingly well and we configure it on your site to provide security, but not slow down your site. The slowness is something your research will show most people complain about with Wordfence, but we have the configuration that prevents that slowness from happening.

Why is this important to you? Security is something we talked about with our updates, this adds an extra level of security. Helping prevent brute force attacks, helping to spot issues with files that are on your system that show up out of nowhere. Yes, this happens and yes, it is an ongoing issue that will always have to be monitored. We like to stay vigilant with our clients, this is one of the ways we help keep you secure. Do you like having extra layers of security so that you can have that extra peace of mind?