The industry now defines malware and virus as separate issues to be dealt with. So, we have integrated a daily malware scan to make sure your site hasn’t been infected with malware. This is a huge issue that is a constant battle for hosting providers. The sad part is that a lot of providers don’t offer this services and prefer to sell you into a 3rd party product. We want you to be safe through proactive measures that help to keep you clean. The problem we have found is that once your site becomes infected, there are a few providers that take months to remove you from their “black list”. However, if you are on our plan, we will handle this for you and work with the slow to respond 3 party to get your site cleared of all malware flags.

Why is this important to you? Time saving, should you get black listed, as we handle all of that for you. Proactive scanning helps to find issues before they become major issues. Malware infections on a website is a big pain to deal with on your own. We handle it all for you! Time saved and one less headache, sounds like a win win to us!