How often is your site not working? This is pretty important when you have traffic going to the site and you want to stay in front of your customers. Downtime is inevitable no matter what host you are on, what you want to make sure of is that you have that 99% uptime going on with your site. We just moved a site that had a 63% uptime. Yikes!

Why is this important to you? Most website owners have no clue what their uptime is, much less what may be causing the down time. Typically, you see that 99% and not 100% of uptime, due to backups of the database. This is ok, but you don’t want to see is anything below a 95%. There is some margin for error in that, but let’s be realistic here, sometimes when you are making changes to your site it causes the site to completely stop responding. That is ok with us, as we will help you get it fixed, backup and running. If you are below that 95% of uptime, then there are some serious issues happening on your site. From there being a script causing the issue, all the way to the server you are on is having issues. Should you have to worry about those? No! Let us worry about that on your behalf so that you can rest easy knowing if there is an issue that we can resolve it for you.