If you have had a WordPress site for long enough then you have run into this issue at least once. You update your site and find it no longer works. Most of the time you are left wondering what just happened and why. Depending on your current host you may not even have a backup to restore your site to. This is never a good thing as you are left to sort out your issues due to an update.

Why is this important to you? First off, we handle all your updates for you, so that you don’t have to worry about them. Secondly, should an issue arise due to an update we will restore your site to before the update. Then we will find out what happened and why it caused an issue. Sometimes we can fix it ourselves, other times we have to open a trouble ticket with the theme or plugin creator that has caused the issue. Then we work with them to solve your issue, so all you should worry about is reading our update emails. How about that for saving you time and stress when things go wrong?