This is an area of weakness for a lot of WordPress host providers. The bad part about this is that a lot of servers aren’t backing up. This was one of the first areas we addressed in our services as we wanted to make sure all our clients have backups to pull from, in case an issue ever happened. Now should an issue arise, we will take care of it for you, so that is one less hassle. At the same time, we monitor our backups, so that if an issue is happening and the backups are not running, that we address this as soon as we learn about the issue. Backups are essential pieces to the puzzle of your website, especially if all your client data is saved in your website.

Why is this important to you? Most of you already know the importance of a backup plan. However, for those of you that don’t place much weight in it, think about this. What if you woke up tomorrow and your cell phone was broken, not just a little broken, broken to the point that you can’t get your contacts or pictures. Hundreds or even thousands of your family pictures, gone… But wait, there was a backup, right? Well let’s hope so because if there wasn’t a solid backup to the cloud of your phone then all your contacts and pictures are lost forever. It is a scary place to be and sadly it happens a lot more than anyone really talks about. The same thing can happen to your website and this is an area where backups fail more than any place we have seen. Therefore, we have a monitoring service attached to our backups, we want to know if there is an issue as soon as it happens. We want your site and its data backed up on a regular basis so that you don’t lose anything.