This is oddly still an issue on a lot of websites. Especially if you have a lot of links to sites that aren’t your own or you pull images from a 3rd party to display on your site. This is also an excellent way to keep track of the health of your website. Making sure you don’t have any broken links on the site shows Google that you are taking care of your site and keeping it up to date. This is important for all websites and almost never talked about from what we have seen.

Why is this important to you? How many times have you been on a website and started looking for something only to find that the one thing you were looking for was a dead link? If you have ever spent any time on Pinterest, then you have seen this a lot. It is an issue with Ecommerce site that have thousands of products as well. As you remove a product, you may have a link that was pointing to that product, the problem is that the link is never updated, so it becomes broken. This is never a good thing as most people won’t call you and say, “hey this link to this product is broken, but I want the product.” What most people do is close the window or hit the back button, then buy from your competitor. We want them buying from you, so we want to make sure your links are working!