What Is Guest Posting and How Do I Do It?

On average, website owners publish 1-5 guest posts per month. However, if you don’t use this strategy, you may put a cap on your growth. Using the power of guest posting can enhance your ranking on search engines.

It can also make you an established expert on the subject matter. If you are still wondering what is guest posting, we can help. Keep calm and read on to discover the ins and outs of crafting an effective guest blogging strategy!

What is Guest Posting?

Guest posting is the process of writing and publishing an article on another website or blog. The purpose is to generate more traffic for the website, build relationships, and increase website authority.

Guest posts can also help boost SEO, since it’s perceived as an endorsement from a reputable website.

Choose Topics

The first step is to choose topics that are relevant to the website. You want topics that are interesting and engaging.

This will help to draw in readers and increase the likelihood that the post gets shared. It should also be related to the website’s niche to attract the right audience.

Research Potential Sites

Once you select your topics, start researching potential sites willing to publish the post. Choosing sites with a large audience and high search engine rankings is essential.

This will help increase the visibility of the post. It’s also vital to choose sites related to the post’s topic.

Research Submission Guidelines

Before submitting the post, website owners should research the site’s submission guidelines.

This will ensure that the post meets the page’s requirements and is more likely to be accepted.

Writing the Post

Most guest posts are 500-1000 words; the more, the better. The first step is to create an outline. This will help keep the post organized and ensure that all main points are covered.

Once the outline is complete, it’s time to start writing. It’s essential to write in a clear and concise manner, as this will keep the reader engaged. Remember to add keywords to optimize the post for search results.

Submitting the Post

Contact the site owner and briefly describe the post.

Once the post is accepted, it’s time to format and submit it. Remember to include a brief bio and link back to your website to increase visibility.

Promoting Your Post

Promote posts by creating a social media presence. This will help increase visibility and engagement with the post.

Creating content related to the post can help draw in more readers.

Guest posting is one of the best ways to market your business. But what is guest posting and how do I do it? Click here to learn more. - Two guys holding up some browser windows, this should be symbolizing link building, hopefully it gets the point across.

Link Building

This involves creating links to the post from other websites to increase visibility and search engine rankings.

The more backlinks you build, the higher you climb the ranks.

Benefits of Guest Posting

Food, lifestyle, and travel niche have the highest percentage of blogs, with over 50,000 monthly sessions. Not only that, but they also have the highest number of guest postings.

Based on these statistics, we can see that guest blogging has these advantages:

Increased Visibility

When you post content on another website or blog, you introduce your brand to its audience.

Readers are more likely to visit your page or follow your social media accounts if the content is exciting and informative. This can result in more traffic, leads, and sales.

Improved SEO

When you post content on another website, you are creating backlinks to your own website. This can help your website rank higher in the search engine, resulting in more organic traffic.

Guest posting also allows you to establish yourself as an authority on a specific topic. This can further improve your website’s search engine rankings.

Build Relationships

Guest posting can help build relationships with other influencers and brands in your industry. When posting content on another website, you introduce yourself to their audience. This can help you make valuable connections and establish yourself as an expert in your field.


Guest posting is a cost-effective way to market your business. Compared to other forms of marketing, such as paid search or social media, it is relatively inexpensive. You can also find websites and blogs willing to accept guest posts for free.

Generate Leads

You promote your own website when you post content on another website or blog. Readers who find the content interesting are more likely to visit your page, sign up for your email list, or purchase your products. This can result in increased sales and more customers.

Use a Digital Marketing Agency

For website owners that don’t have the time or resources to manage their own guest posts, consider hiring a digital marketing agency. They can take your marketing strategy and bring it to life.

They will reach out to other website owners, network on your behalf, create blog posts, and publish them on other websites. This will help you save time and energy to focus on the other important aspect of the business.

White Hat Versus Black Hat Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the best ways to market your business. But what is guest posting and how do I do it? Click here to learn more. - Woman putting on a black hat, she looks like she is probably the lead singer of an indie group.

While guest posting can bring significant benefits to your website, it’s vital to understand the two different types. Some marketers use black hat, while others use white hats. For more insights, here are the differences:

White Hat

White hat involves creating and publishing content on external websites related to your website. It requires that you create high-quality content and provide a link to your own website. This type of guest posting is ethical and is the preferred approach for SEO professionals.

Black Hat

Black hat involves creating and publishing content on external websites that are irrelevant to your page. It makes low-quality content and uses automated software to post it on many websites. This approach is horrible for SEO and can lead to penalties from search engines. [Editors Note: We do not suggest anyone use any black hat tactics, you may get away with it for a short time, but you eventually get caught by the G.]

Take Guest Posting to a New Level

Guest posting can bring exposure to a website if done correctly. It’s essential to choose topics, research potential sites, and research submission guidelines. Afterward, measure the success and scale up to reach more people.

If you are struggling with maintaining your website and blog posts, we can help. For insights on what is guest posting and keeping your marketing ideas alive, contact us today.

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