What is a Video Campaign?

In 2020, 9.4 percent of the marketing industry consisted of video marketing.

We consume huge amounts of videos as we scroll through social media and television each day. Between platforms such as Facebook and Tik Tok, we can’t seem to get away from moving pictures! (Meanwhile, someone’s GrandPappy just asked Who is Tik and why is she talking to me?) Let’s be honest, maybe it’s you saying that and not your GrandPappy.

If you’ve been considering using a video campaign for your company, you’re in the right place.

Below is a guide on what a video campaign is and how it can help your business.

What’s a Video Campaign?

It’s as straightforward as it sounds! A video campaign is a marketing campaign made up of video, complete with audio and moving pictures.

While stunning photographs and bright roadside ads are still popular avenues for marketing campaigns, video tends to stick around longer in the brain.

While stunning photographs and bright roadside ads are still popular avenues for marketing campaigns, video tends to linger in the brain. Did you have to let it linger? YES yes we did.  It’s a much more effective marketing strategy than a billboard. Even if the billboard is of the Cranberries.

Thanks to all of our advanced technology and intoxicating social media platforms, your video campaign won’t go wasted. You’ll have plenty of streaming options to choose from once creating your campaign.

What’s So Special About Video?

Whether you’re posting a video on your WordPress site or tossing it onto your Instagram feed, you’re sharing a few moments of magic with your audience. Bippity Boppity BAM.

With video, creating a narrative and evoking emotions is made easy. Take a second to imagine your audience laughing or shedding a tear as they lounge on their couch or waiting to board a plane.

And don’t worry about your audience’s emotions going to waste! Emotions are powerful persuaders and can be used to drive a sale or increase website traffic. Take it from someone who sobs at every feel good commercial.


Your video campaign is also the perfect opportunity to share magic made within your own company. Create an ad introducing your staff, or give a sneak peek into the history of your business (because an audience loves an intimate look into who they buy from).

Creating a Video Campaign

This all sounds great in theory, right? It’s now to put your ideas into action by creating your own video content marketing strategy.

Define Your Goal

Before diving into creating your campaign, it’s important to define your goal. Setting your focus is one of the biggest marketing tips we can offer and is important for both you and your team

Ask yourself these questions when defining the goal of your video campaign:

  • What is the desired outcome of this video campaign?
  • What emotions are we attempting to stir?
  • What actions are we hoping to encourage with this video?

Defining your goal eliminates distractions, gives a closer look at your intended audience, and provides direction. You’ll feel lost with a team goal-setting session.

Create a Hook

How many times have you skipped past a video on a social media platform when given the chance?

There’s a good chance you’ve skipped quite a few, but don’t let this discourage your team from creating a video campaign. Instead, let it push you to go above and beyond!

Creating a strong hook in the first four to five seconds of your video is crucial in capturing a consumer’s attention. No not the Captain of The Jolly Roger. The video itself must cut through the static of all others available to your audience. In other words, GET THEM HOOKED!

Use bright colors, shocking audio, or intense graphics to quickly pull people into your video. Aim to give them a convincing reason to stick around instead of scrolling past.

If you have available connections to a well-known influencer in your industry, reach out to them. Consumers are likely to stay if they see a familiar face talking about your product. Influencer marketing is huge! So go phone Peter Pan and ask him to make an appearance.

Keep Consumers Entertained

You may have created a hook, but the work isn’t done just yet!

A hook reels the audience into your campaign, but the remainder of the video keeps them around. Use every second of the video in a beneficial manner, and eliminate any unnecessary fluff that could disinterest the viewers.

To create a meaningful video, carefully construct humorous or insightful dialogue. Capture each frame in a way that engages the viewer, and only use text and graphics in meaningful ways.

Include a CTA

If you’re going to remember anything, remember to include a CTA. Including a call-to-action at the conclusion of your ads, whether written or video, is one of the most vital marketing tips we can offer to a business.

Imagine watching a two-minute ad video and then not knowing what to do afterward. You and your viewers would feel cheated of time! At least this is how we felt on the season Finale of Game of Thrones. Don’t do this to your viewers.

Use a CTA to drive people to your website or to invest in your new service. You can even use videos to attract viewers to your brick-and-mortar shop in town, instead of only exploring what you offer on their phones!

When creating a call-to-action, keep it clear and concise. This isn’t the time for metaphors and riddles because the consumer needs instructions on what to do next.

Gain Inspiration

Are you feeling stuck on how to go about creating your video campaign? Everyone hits a creative block every now and then, but luckily for you, you can gain inspiration from the video campaigns that already surround you.

Re-watch your favorite Superbowl commercials, or spy on your competitor’s video campaigns. (We promise it’s allowed.) And as you watch these videos, take notes.

Ask yourself these questions when taking notes:

  • What are some elements that worked well in their campaign?
  • How can you let these elements inspire your campaign?
  • What are some elements that didn’t work?
  • How can you avoid those elements?

Don’t forget to collaborate with your marketing team as well while brainstorming. Great ideas come to fruition when everyone brings their fresh ideas to the table.

Creating a Video Campaign: A Deeper Look

It’s time to take your marketing campaigns to the next level through a video campaign. Make sure to bookmark this article to keep with you along your creative journey.

Video campaigns are powerful marketing tools because they tell stories and stir emotions. When creating your video campaign, don’t forget to define a goal, create a hook, and insert a call-to-action.

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