Jonathan Wofford, Founder and lead problem solver, loves tinkering away at issues he hasn’t yet faced. And, most importantly he isn’t afraid to think them over (and over and over) until the correct answer is on the table. What makes him unique is that he’s actually excited to discover problems in your site, and to solve them, so they don’t become greater problems down the road.

In 2016 he identified a major issue with web designers and long term support for websites. That the support does not exist. Most websites he sees aren’t being updated once the design phase is over, leaving the site open to hackers, viruses and all the mundane issues that come when not taking daily care of your site.

Having a technology background, he knew exactly how to help business owners keep their website safe and secure. What he didn’t know at the time was that he would also discover a way to increase the speed of these sites by 10x. With this newfound knowledge, he launched Your WordPress Guy and gets his kicks helping business owners solve problems they don’t even know they have.


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Based out of Atlanta, GA